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I am a wordsmith, author and publisher, artist, radio and TV broadcaster, modern philosopher, photographer, gardener, animal lover and all round curious person.

I am a connector of dots and people, and a creative facilitator. What does this mean? Well, I often see connections between ideas or thoughts that others don’t see. I have a sixth sense for it. Interviewing hundreds of people (as a radio and TV host, and as a researcher), along with coaching  quite a few, has taught me the art of really listening and hearing between the lines. I read a huge variety of non-fiction and I’m both an investigator and an adventurer when it comes to books. I can’t help but connect ideas.

I can see connections between people too, and instinctively know who to put them in touch with. I have been the initial spark for many a great idea that has come to fruition because two (or more) heads came together via an introduction from me. (I take no credit for the ideas, only the introductions.)

Creative facilitation is how I use my sixth sense, art and writing together to help organisations and teams find solutions to knotty challenges. It’s amazing how ideas open up and flow when imagination is sparked and habitual thinking patterns interrupted. My favourite quote from Plutarch says it all:

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.

He knew his stuff, Plutarch. Pity our education system seems to have forgotten this.


A little background:

I have had a wonderfully varied career in the media, in business, in research and in personal development. Writing and publishing, magazines and books, have been the main theme. As well as writing my own books I have been a ghostwriter for other people. I’ve also published my own magazine (see www.silversistersmedia.co.uk).

I have been involved in local community radio as a presenter since 2009. You can hear me on Sunday mornings presenting Girls Around Town on Radio Newark www.radionewark.com from 10am to 12pm with my co-hosts June Rowlands and Sue Jackson. I’ve also presented a TV show on Sky interviewing authors and publishing industry experts.

In 2015 I felt the call to take my art to a new level and so BeLOVEdArt was born. I now have a dedicated website for BeLOVEd: www.tinabettisonbelovedart.com where my creations are for sale and I also accept commissions. I am specifically interested in creating art for commercial and office spaces.

Hubby and I live in the Nottinghamshire countryside, with our horse Penny, a black Lab called Jock, and a feisty but terribly cute wee terrier named Maisie.  I draw much of my inspiration for my own creations from the daily walks with the dogs, hanging out with Penny, tending the garden, watching the phases of the moon and stars, and studying the natural world around us.

My skills and experience:

My varied creative career has given me a bunch of skills including (in no particular order):

Seeing patterns, connecting the dots,
Seeing the big picture, holding the vision, holding the space
Deep listening and hearing what others miss
Asking masterful questions
Being absolutely present with the client
Connecting people – to themselves, to others, to new ideas

and it’s given me wide ranging experience including (again in no particular order):

Publishing – contract, corporate, magazines, print books, ebooks
Commissioning writing, design, art, photography
Commissioning and managing print materials
Leading and managing teams
Client/agency relationships
Customer insight and qualitative research
Public/press relations
Broadcasting – radio and tv presenting
Writing, editing, ghost writing– long form and short form
Workshop creation and facilitation
Writing and delivering speeches and presentations
Mixed media art and photography
Practical psychology, business psychology and deep experience of language and behaviour in customer communications
Performance coaching
Launching and closing start-up ventures

I believe in life long learning too so my current education project is a diploma in Interior Design. I’ll keep you posted on that one!

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