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My dear friend Alison calls me a polymath and I like that. I am a wordsmith, author and publisher, artist, radio and TV broadcaster, modern philosopher, photographer, gardener, cake creator, animal lover and all round curious person.

I am also a work in progress, a connector of dots and ideas, an investigator and an adventurer. I am on a journey of discovery and awakening; an eternal student of life and the universe. I am particularly fascinated by astrology, cosmology, psychology and how these connect up. I am curious about how the planets and their aspects can give us a blueprint for our gifts, talents and innate abilities – for mine are writ large in my birth chart.

When the poet Maya Angelou was asked what it took to be a writer, she said there were three things: something to say, the ability to express it and finally the courage to express it at all. I think that applies to all self expression whatever medium you choose to express through. Particularly so as I follow my calling with the paintbrush as well as the pen.

For much of my 40s I thought I had lost my voice. I thought I had nothing left to say. And when I did have something yearning to be said, I was afraid to say it. Hiding my light under a bushel was more comfortable than letting it shine.

Stepping up, speaking your truth and shining your light, is not the easy option. It takes courage. Hearing your own true voice amid the din of imposter voices that would have you keep playing small and hidden isn’t easy either. However, there comes a time when you just know this is what you must do.

So I must read and I must write and I must create … to inspire and be inspired.


A little history:

I was an avid reader and scribbler throughout childhood, I spent hours drawing horses and ballerinas, shoes and dresses. I loved animals and the outdoors. I constantly had my nose in a book. I still do at every opportunity. I didn’t imagine I would write one. I’ve written six so far.

Hubby and I have two horses and two dogs and live in the Nottinghamshire countryside. I draw much of my inspiration for my own creations from the daily walks with the dogs, hanging out with the horses, tending the garden and studying the natural world around us.

My work life has always been in writing and publishing, in magazines and books. I write articles, features, books and blogs. As well as writing my own books I have been a ghostwriter for other people. I’ve also published my own magazine (see www.silversistersmedia.co.uk). And I have other publishing projects up my sleeve.

Becoming an author led me into radio. I have been involved in local community radio as a presenter for over five years. Some of my more famous guests have included Jonathan Cainer, the late Linda Bellingham, authors Karen Maitland and Stephen Booth, Elkie Brooks, Dillie Keane (Fascinating Aida) and Claire Sweeney. You can hear me on Sunday mornings presenting Girls Around Town on Radio Newark www.radionewark.com from 10am to 12pm with my co-hosts June Rowlands and Sue Jackson.

In 2015 I felt the call to take my art to a new level and so BeLOVEd Art from My Heart was born. Read more about that here.

Next step is to find a small holding where Hubs and I can run retreats and adventures in creativity, music, writing, art and healing so love, happiness, magic and self expression can run wild and free. Watch this space!







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