Ode to a Geode

The inspirations for Ode to a Geode were the asteroid belt (which sits in our Solar System roughly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter) meteorites and the cratered, rough surfaces of the Moon and Mars.

The belt of geodes came first and then the colours – deep greys with flashes of gold and rust fading through to sparkling white. This was definitely an artwork that created itself. Other than the geodes, I had no real vision of what would finally be revealed.

As an artist, my work is inspired by the Cosmos and studying the colours and textures of nature. As a writer, I have a deep interest in human potential and inspiring others to reach for their own moon.

It’s hard to deny the beauty of a rock that is rough on the outside, yet so sparkly and crystalline on the inside. Geodes remind me of the sparkly potential that lies in all of us.

I recently created an artwork entitled ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ for the Jon Egging Trust. In that artwork I used ten geode crystals to represent the disengaged youngsters that the Trust aims to support on an on-going basis. The geodes reflect these young people – rough on the outside but sparkling with potential on the inside. Mainstream education struggles to reach this inner potential, however the Trust can and in so doing not just encourages these youngsters to reach for the moon, but gives them the wings to fly themselves there.

Ode to the Geode challenges you to see the beauty in your own rough edges, and the potential that is yet to be revealed. It also asks that you look beyond the rough edges of others, to seek their potential and encourage it to reveal itself.

To find out more about geodes visit: http://scienceline.org/2012/11/where-do-geodes-come-from/

Visit the Jon Egging Trust at https://www.joneggingtrust.org.uk

Ode to a Geode is 100 cm x 100cm

To purchase or make an appointment to view email tina@tinabettison.com or call me on 07778 014466

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