‘Fresh Perspective’ Facilitation

The ART of a fresh perspective on your business challenges

Every business has challenges, and most businesses take the same approach to finding solutions, so they often go round in circles. However, as Einstein so famously put it we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Viewing a challenge with new thinking is hard though without some way of getting our ingrained thinking patterns out of the way so we can take that fresh perspective.

A ‘Fresh Perspective’ brainstorming session, workshop or retreat can help senior management teams or directors get out of stuck thinking and into a frame of mind where they can take the fresh perspective needed on challenges they face in their business.

As a facilitator I use art and creative activity to break old thinking patterns and create new neural pathways for problem solving and solution seeking.

I believe the answer to the challenge is always in the room and within the team, they just haven’t found their way to it yet. Often the real challenge is not what the team think it is. The process of articulating and defining the problem and seeing it with a fresh perspective will usually weedle out what really needs addressing.

I use ART as a process for:
Articulating the challenge or problem
Revitalising the team’s thinking through art-based activities,
Trust – enabling the team to trust both the process and themselves in finding fresh perspectives, new thinking and solutions to their challenge.

Typically a brainstorming session may be half or a full day, a workshop 1-2 days, and a retreat 2-3 days. All take place away from the office; the 2-day workshops and the retreats are residential.

For more information and to discuss how you might benefit from this in your business, contact me on 07778 014466 or via my Contact Me page.