Find your writing voice and flow

IMG_2898Are you trying to write but struggling with saying what you actually want to say? Are you finding it hard to put your voice into words? Do you feel that it’s really important that you get your message out there but you’re bogged down in the practicalities of creating and structuring your content? Are you writing quite a lot but when you give it to people to read, they are just not getting it and you don’t really know why?


After birthing six books of my own, two ghost-writing projects, a women’s magazine and innumerable articles, blogs etc, plus being in the process of gestating a new book project, I know exactly what you are going through and I can help.

I don’t have a ‘process’ or a specific structure nor will I be doing an online course anytime soon. I work with you 1-2-1, with your flow and rhythms, to help you find your voice and the best forms for getting your voice published and into the world – be it a CD, a booklet, a set of cards or an 80,000 word tome.

Email me tina@ and let’s have a chat about your writing project.

I can guide you in:

  • Your publishing strategy – is a book, is it a plane? Deciding which publishing channels would be most appropriate for you and your audience.
  • Who is your reader? Creating an avatar of the person you are talking with. Publishing in whatever form is a conversation between author and reader – who are you in conversation with?
  • The Marketing Plan – so how are you going to reach your readers? What options are available, which are most suited to you? Which are the ones you will stick with and what might the publisher expect of you that you will have to get comfortable with? The best marketing plan is a simple one that you will be able to execute so we focus on that.
  • Finding your voice. More than likely you are not saying anything particularly new, but you are saying it with a different voice, which your reader is yearning to hear. Your avatar, let’s call her Freya, needs to hear it from you, in your voice because it resonates for her, it’s her voice too. She hears you and feels you by her side where others just don’t reach her, or they bore her, or they patronise her or they are just too straight-forward or too airy fairy. So finding your voice is key.
  • Finding your flow is about doing it your way, but doing it nevertheless. Every author has a different way of working. Some will be up at 5am and put in 2 hours before breakfast, everyday without exception. Others will be night birds. Some have a strict schedule, some use specific processes. Your flow will be quite different to my flow. Hence I do not have a specific programme or process for you to follow. I help you unearth the flow that works for you and then guide you to stick with it until the work is done.
  • Reviewing the contract – when the day comes, it is all too easy to get very excited and sign all the rights away. Before you sign anything, I’ll go through the contract with you and give guidance on what questions to ask.



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