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Here’s what people have said about my work:

‘Mercifully you write in proper sentences and paragraphs.’ Comment from my sociology tutor at Leeds Poly in 1982 (as it was then). I assumed everyone did – apparently not!

‘Special thanks to you for all your incredible help, support and guidance throughout my own personal journey. Your unique strengths helped me find my voice in order to tell my story. Without you my book also would never have been made a reality and I will be forever thankful to you!’ Spencer Stevenson for whom I ghost-wrote The Hair Raising Truth about his journey from premature balding to transplant transformation. www.spexhair.com

‘Tina has a rare combination of qualities that have helped to shape my first book into a polished and finished product that I am absolutely delighted with. She combines a command of the written word with her deep experience as a working author and has guided me well through the writing process. Tina manages to balance what the reader wants to read with what the author wants to put across, in a way that makes the words and chapters flow from start to finish. ‘ Maddy Malhotra, Self-Esteem Coach, Author & Speaker. I helped Maddy turn a lot of disparate but connected thoughts into his book Bullet Proof Belief.

Sabirul Islam

“Tina is just out of this world. The support she provides is phenomenal. She is fantastic to network with and an inspirational mentor!” Sabirul Islam, author of The World at Your Feet and creator of the board game Teen-Trepreneur 

As well as helping Sabirul negotiate his first book contract with Marshall Cavendish, I also interviewed him on The Book Channel. He is quite an inspiration too! You can see that interview here https://youtu.be/JezPCpTIfN0




“Tina is one of the most positive and energetic people you could hope to meet. She is particularly good at handling clients who respond instinctively to her winning personality and her understanding of their business. She always managed the delicate interface between client and creative team with her characteristic skill and good sense.” Will Scott, Creative Director, Forward Publishing.

“Tina is a font of knowledge when it comes to the publishing industry and exceptionally helpful and supportive.” Andy Lopata, author of And Death Came Third.


“Being interviewed by Tina was one of best experiences I’ve had as a novelist. Some interviewers seem distracted by their equipment or the item which is coming up next, and it’s so off-putting when you are having to talk to someone who is looking anywhere but you. But Tina has the talent of convincing you that she is giving you her complete attention throughout the interview, while still managing her sound levels and music, which makes you feel as if she is interested in every word. That encourages you to share stories and experiences over the air you never intended talking about. The whole thing turned into a wonderful chat between friends instead of an interrogation. Her excitement is really infectious. Can’t wait to do it again.” Karen Maitland, author of medieval thrillers www.karenmaitland.com  See/hear my interviews with Karen here

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