Book Proposal Guide

Ernest Miller Hemingway, American novelist, short story writer, and journalist. One of the greatest influencers of 20th Century fiction.

This guide is an amalgamation of advice I was given by my publishers and also from agents I have spoken to.

It is a guide to what publishers want from you, the author, to determine whether your book is right for their list and how you might generate sales (yes, they expect you to do this too). Your proposal needs to provide information on the points in the guide but it doesn’t need to be a book in itself!

The most important element is the marketing plan. These days publishers want you to have an audience and a platform before you approach them.

There is an interesting interview with a literary agent in my blog archive that helps you to see the world from the view of the recipient of your manuscript – and it is full of good advice:

Even if you are self-publishing, this is a really good process to go through to plan your publishing and marketing strategy for your book or other published materials. It can really help focus the mind and ensure you have covered all the bases for your published project.

Download the guide here: Book Proposal Guide